Finding New Hope Counseling (FNHC) specializes in providing professional and confidential counseling services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families. We can assist you as you navigate the path of life by providing a safe place where there is an opportunity to work toward finding hope, healing, and inspiration to gain the highest quality life.


Ages Served:

·Toddlers / Preschoolers (0 to 5)

·Children and Preteens / Tweens (6 to 13)

·Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)


·Elders (65+)


Therapeutic Philosophy

The overall therapeutic approach within FNHC is an eclectic style that considers each client individually and adjusts to determine the best practice, evidence-based, rehabilitative outcome, and strength-based individual counseling plans that suits the needs, desires, and goals of the clients and their families.